10 Simple Ways To Become A TikTok Star In India

Haven’t we all seen a TikTok video on social media and thought, how are these people so creative and famous? Also, how to become a TikTok star in India? Can we consider TikTok as a career option? How to make money on TikTok? Well, to get you the best answers possible, here we come up with this article.

Recently, we have all seen a TikTok video where a boy is spilling out water from mouth while walking. Many thought it funny, many thought it irritating, but at the end of the day, the people who made is are making good money! So, who are the ultimate gainers? TikTok, formerly known as Musically is a social platform where one can make creative videos and upload them to TikTok users.

Let’s understand what exactly is TikTok and how to become a TikTok star in India!

What Is TikTok?


TikTok is a video sharing and creating app as well as a social media platform to share videos of the length or 15secs, and sometimes higher. It is hands down the fastest growing social media app across the world for its immensely popular videos.

Primarily, the app used to produce lip-syncing videos of some of the famous dialogues of the world. But later it turned in an app where people can use hundreds of filters, motion effects, different music, and basically make their own movie within half a minute. Indeed, very creative!

Formerly, TikTok was known as musical.ly with the same functions, which was also equally famous, but with the name change of TikTok, it got immensely famous. It is owned by a Chinese company named ByteDance.

TikTok is making social media fun and no one can disagree with that. Be it however you hate TikTok, you will still enjoy watching a few of the videos popping up from here and there on social media like Facebook and Instagram.

The parent company- ByteDance claims that TikTok is one of the very first apps to have a machine learning experience in mobile-first products. That is a matter to argue, and that is up to all the geeks!

Generally, TikTok users are less than 26 years old but even 60 years old people are equally enjoying making TikTok videos, so it will be an injustice to bracket the age of the users, however, the majority of the users and creators are below 26 years old.

Recently in an interview, the CEO of TikTok has said he is very surprised to see so much popularity of TikTok and he finds it kind of funny, as the main motive of TikTok was to bring fun to unemployed people, to kill their time. He is taken by surprise how India has so many of them. Well, this has already started a debate on Social Media platforms.

So, more or less, TikTok is a video making and uploading platform with loads of filters, animations, special effects, sound effects, and music.

The app provides everything to create solid entertainment and creative videos. But one should remember, TikTok was also banned from the app stores in India due to excessive usage, and reckless usage of the app while making videos on the roads and railway stations which is risky.

So one should always prioritize their work and studies and only use it in free times, carefully and attentively to the society.

How To Become A TikTok Star In India?

Becoming a star has no permutation and combinations, it all depends on your content and your fame! You need to be patient, and keep on doing the hard work. Here, we can help you with solid 10 hacks to guide you to become a TikTok star in India without much hassle! We will discuss every important point, so don’t worry, just stay on board and understand.

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1. What’s In The Name?

Well, a lot. A name decides a lot of things on social media, even in real life. People decide whether or whether not to watch your content after hearing the name, so it has to be catchy. A username must deliver to things:

  • It should tell you about the type of content you have in your account. A username should give a hint about that.
  • It should also have your name or your brand’s name as a face.

Choosing a username is tricky, but it is the most important part while creating an account. Not everyone goes viral and famous, most of them have to play it tactically. Also, make sure to use the same username in different platforms to make it easier for people to find you across Facebook, Instagram & Twitter. Having the same username on every other social platform helps you to bring integrity to your brand, which you are trying to create.

2. Content Niche :


The second important thing while creating a TikTok account is making sure about your niche. To become a TikTok Star in India, you must have one solid type of content which dominates your account.

Suppose you are good at lip-syncing songs, then it is better for you to lip-sync songs in the videos and try to make it creative. You, of course, need to give it your touch to make it yours! And different from others. In the same way, if you are a good storyteller, then go ahead! Tell your stories! The world is waiting. TikTok gives you every tool to make it look awesome.

If you are good at dancing, then you can dance your heart in the videos. Most of the videos which get viral are vines. So if you are good at making funny videos and vines, then it will be easier for you to reach the pinnacle of success very soon in TikTok.

The matter of the fact is, you must choose your content category or content niche, and most of your videos should be around the same type of content. Most, not all. We have no right to put a line in your creative mind!

3. Be Consistent :


To become a TikTok Star in India, one must bring consistency to his channel. TikTok is a platform where millions of people uploads millions of videos in a day from all across the world, and also TikTok has its own algorithm, so once you be inconsistent, automatically your videos will not be trending anymore be it however good the content is. So make sure to at least put 2 videos a day. You can stock up 10-12 videos in a day when you are free, and upload them slowly.

Consistency is the key for any platform, anyone who wants to become a TikTok Star in India should remember that.

4. Grab The Challenges :


Or course challenge yourself every day to grow in life. But here, the platform has made it easier to challenge yourself. TikTok is famous for its weekly challenges! And the best part is videos of these challenges always go in trending.

If your account is new and you want to get noticed, these challenges are the best boost up for your profile to get noticed. So always grab the weekly challenges of TikTok.

5. Hashtags :

The most important part for any social media platform. Hashtags help to categorize your post into a segment. Some of the hashtags are always on trend in TikTok, have you noticed? Use the top trending hashtags in your videos, and make the videos on the topics of the hashtags, don’t bluff your audience.

Hashtags are the most important tool if you want to grow faster in TikTok, and not only TikTok on every social platform like Instagram. It helps people to find other content of the same topic, which narrows down content for the people who want to watch your type of content, so use them wisely.

6. Collab!


Collab with other TikTok stars to become a TikTok Star in India. Collaboration always brings exposure to your account. It cross promotes the content, which means followers can get to see the person you are collaborating with and his followers can also see you. If they like you, they will start to follow you. It is not that tough to get followers in TikTok.

7. Social Profiles :

Make sure you share your TikTok videos on other Social media platforms. Mostly, the non TikTok users can get to know you from Facebook and Instagram only, also WhatsApp Stories play a crucial role too. So don’t ever shy away from posting the TikTok video to other Social platforms. It helps you to grow your account rapidly and become a TikTok star in India!

8. Stay Positive :


Recently, few of the TikTok stars got arrested and they also had a temporary ban on their account by TikTok India because of posting something anti-national, which was not intentional. However, you should learn from their mistakes and focus on spreading positivity. When so many people will start to watch you, it is also your responsibility to post positive content.

9. Stay Motivated :

Motivation is extremely important when you want to become a TikTok star in India. You must have someone as your idol to follow, who inspired you to make videos. Always stay motivated by following them in a positive way. Without motivation, it’s hard to succeed.

10. Connect With Your Fans :


When you are close to your fans, they will connect to you even more. And if they feel connected to you, half of your work is done already. Make your fans feel home when they talk to you over a live chat or something. Make them have the vibe of being close with you. This hack always works to grow your followers.

These are all the important ten hacks to become a TikTok star in India. Make sure to be your true self to sustain in this game for a longer period of time.

Now, there’s another big question. How to make money on TikTok? Well, we are going to guide you for that as well.

How To Make Money On TikTok?

Why a brand will pay you money?

  • When you have a decent TikTok profile with a decent username.
  • All your social platforms are liked, including Instagram and YouTube.
  • You have quality content, you use famous songs in your videos, and you are popular.
  • You have a decent number of followers who are actively participating in your posts.

When you satisfy these four points, you are eligible for brand promotions. Brands will automatically reach you and ask you to promote their brands. How? They will discuss that too. Also, when a new movie releases in Bollywood, you will also get a chance to promote them and make good money. When you will have an audience, brands will automatically come to you, so the money will flow in eventually. So, how to make money on TikTok? Follow the 10 hacks, and be famous.

Top 5 TikTok Stars You Should Already Know About!


1. Mr. Faisu: This guy has bagged more than 24M followers and one of the most famous faces among the TikTok stars.

2. Riyaz Afreen: This guy has also 20M followers in TikTok, which is quite a lot. He has also got himself a Bollywood movie, which is releasing soon.

3. Jannat Zubair: Also having near 20M followers, she is one of the most gorgeous and beautiful TikTok stars in India.

4. Awez Darbar: Having over 17.4M followers, this guy is also a pretty famous face for TikTok fame. This guy is famous for his collab videos.

5. Garima Chaurasia: Having over 15M followers, Garima has also bagged herself a Bollywood movie. She is also one of the beautiful TikTok stars in India.

These are the top 5 known faces of TikTok India, and we hope in our next edition of this article we can proudly post your name too! All the best!

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