10 Richest Indian In 2019: Businessmen, Actor, Cricketer

Who doesn’t want to be rich in life? Most people would love to experience the lavish lifestyle, the business class air tickets and much more! Here, we will talk about the 10 Richest Indian in 2019. Rich people are extremely appealing. Let’s admit, irrespective of gender, rich people have their own charisma to spell over people.

A rich man should not be only rich in terms of his bank balance. He should also be rich in a lot of more things, qualities that make his story inspiring. The definition of richness has changed for this generation. Here, it’s not enough to just have a billion-dollar in your account.

‘Do you have anything else to offer than your money’ will also fall on richness. Let’s talk about the 10 Richest Indian of 2019.

Top 10 Richest Businessmen In India 2019 :

Who else to start the ‘top 10 Richest’ scene other than businessmen? They are the ones who are actually contributing so much to the economy from every angle. Be it their business is product/service-related or the taxes they pay, it all sums up.

1. Mukesh Ambani :


Expected name at the top, right? Who else to start with other than our very own business sensation and the chairman of Reliance. So many hilarious memes are around about he being the richest one! Net worth? Over $50B. Well, how much that is in Indian currency ₹35,71,37,50,00,000. Even fun to count this. He is the world’s 13th Richest Billionaire. Definitely he is number one in the list of 10 Richest Indians in 2019.

2. Azim Premji :


He is the founder of Wipro. And proudly beholding the 2nd spot on this list with a whopping $22.6B. On Forbes list of Billionaires, he is 36th. Since Wipro is India’s third-largest outsourcer, it extremely natural for him to occupy this space. Here is a small trivia, that is Wipro has an innovation center at Silicon Valley where they empower loads of young minds and startup ideas.

3. Shiv Nadar :


The founder of HCL has a net worth of $14.6B. He is a name in the top 100 Billionaires of the world, securing his place at 82nd.

Last year, HCL bought 1.8B software products from IBM. HCL is India’s fourth-largest software service provider. The best part about Shiv Nadar is he is a philanthropist who has donated almost $700M for the education of poor children.

4. Laxmi Mittal :


Since our childhood, Mittal is a common index to indicate someone’s rich. Which is still relevant enough. Laxmi Mittal is ranked 4th in India and 99th in the world as a billionaire. Net worth is over $13.6 Billion.

Mittal and Arcelor have formed the world’s biggest steel supplier named ArcelorMittal. In the previous year, they scored revenue of $76B. It is said that a wise businessman always takes a good choice and turn it into the best opportunity. Well, acquiring France’s Arcelor which was running in a loss was probably the best decision of his career.

5. Uday Kotak :


Yes, he is the founder of Kotak Mahindra Bank. His bank is now India’s 4th largest private bank. Pocketing him a net worth of $11.8B. The real game-changer moment was in 2014 when Kotak took ING bank’s India operations. And Kotak 811’s Digital Banking App with Zero Balance maintenance feature. This feature has expanded the customer base to 16M.

6. Kumar Mangalam Birla :


Aditya Birla Group’s chairman KM Birla has a net worth of $11.1B. Along with his investor Radhakishan Damani. He is the 6th Richest Indian in the list.

Recently, his telecom company Idea has merged with Vodafone and it has been extremely smooth. Though later Govt. has won a long-pending case which made all the telecom operators impose IUC charges. That’s a different story.

7. Cyrus Poonawalla :


His net worth is $9.5B. He is 147th in the World’s Richest list. Serum Institute of India is his company making vaccines for flu, polio and loads of other diseases. He is known as the world’s largest vaccine maker.

Every year, his company produces 1.5B doses of vaccines which helps almost the same number of people across the world in their needs.

8. Gautam Adani :


Gautam Adani is the chairman of Adani Group with $8.7B net worth. His rank is 167th in the world’s richest list.

Power generation, transmission, real estate, commodity, and what not. His Adani Group is indeed a tycoon in the business world.

He also acquires Mundra Port in his hometown Gujarat. Adani had acquired $2.6B worth Anil Ambani owned Reliance’s power business.

Adani has recently entered petrochemical business too.

9. Dilip Sanghvi :


Probably most of our needful medicine comes from his company Sun Pharma. Number one in the pharmacy business. He has seen struggle in life. His father was a pharmaceutical trader and he soon stepped into the business of trading too after college. Soon he thought of having his own brand, which he started with borrowing from his father of ₹10,000.

Today his net worth is $7.6B making him 9th Richest Indian of 2019. Sun Pharma is the world’s fourth-largest Pharmaceutical supplier. He is proudly one of the 10 Richest Indian in 2019.

10. Nusli Wadia :


Wadia Group’s Chairman has a net worth of $7B. India’s 10th and World’s 209th Richest businessman. What’s his business? Britannia is his company. Budget airline GoAir is his company. Bombay Dyeing is his company. What else you will require to be the 10th Richest person in India?

Top 10 Richest Indian Actors In 2019 :

We are well aware that our actors are rich. Let’s find out the ranks of 2019.

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1. Shahrukh Khan :


A very expected name on the list of 10 Richest Indian In 2019! Shahrukh Khan or King Khan has a net worth of $740M. He is a movie star, and proudly we can say the most famous movie star in the world.

He is a producer, a businessman. He once said, “Be a philosopher but be rich first. Nobody likes to listen to a poor philosopher!”. He had revealed, his main source of income is not acting in movies now, in fact, he tells his producers to pay whatever is convenient. But he makes sure he makes money from everything else.

The actor who is behind him is behind with $340M. That is Shahrukh Khan for you.

2. Amitabh Bachchan :


“Rishtey mein toh hum tumhare baap lagte hai, naam hai Sahensha” is the most iconic dialogue of Bollywood, and coming from the Big B, the net worth is around $405M.

At the age of 78, he is still working and setting an example for many.

3. Salman Khan :


Bhaijaan of Bollywood has a net worth of $220M. Though it is assumed that most of his income goes into charity and he is one of the most famous philanthropists in the country.

Salman Khan charges over Crores for one single episode of Big Boss. His foundation Being Human is a Non-Profit Organisation helps thousands of people in need.

4. Amir Khan :


Mr. Perfectionist has a net worth of $200M.

All his films do great as the name suggests, except Thugs Of Hindustan turned out to be a massive flop. He produces his own films.

After giving hits after hits he coming with a remake of the iconic movie Forest Gump as Lal Singh Chadda.

5. Akshay Kumar :


Well, it can be controversial to put his name under 10 Richest Indian In 2019, since all his controversy happened around him being a Canadian. But still, he has raised his craft in back to back films which support some social cause. $200M in his Net worth.

6. Dharmendra :


Dharmendra is not acting now anymore that actively, and still he made to the list of 10 Richest Indian in 2019. His net worth is $70M. He is in the Bollywood industry since 1960.

7. Ranbir Kapoor :


Having a net worth of $66M, Ranbir Kapoor also gets enlisted in the list of 10 Richest Indian In 2019. His film Bramhastra is coming soon, produced by Karan Johar and his Dharma Production House.

Usually, he charges around 20 Crores for each movie.

8. John Abraham :


John is famous for his movies as well as bikes. His passion for bikes are highly appreciated by all. He has a net worth of $55M. He has his own football team.

Also, he has come up with his production house JA Entertainment. He has produced movies like Vicky Donar, Madras Café, Paramanu and more.

9. Irfan Khan :


He is also one of the 10 Richest Indian In 2019 having a net worth of $50M. He is a Bollywood actor as well as Holywood. His Slumdog Millionaire, Life Of Pie, Jurassic World has made huge money in Hollywood.

10. Hrithik Roshan :


Having a Net Worth of $45M, Hrithik is one of the most fashionable person of Asia. He is named as Greek God. He has an annual income of 20 Crores a year. His recent movie Super 30 and War did very well in Bollywood.

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10 Richest Cricketers in India 2019 :

Indian Cricketers have a huge net worth each. Let’s take a dig upon the ranks.

1. Sachin Tendulkar :


Sachin Tendulkar is retired. True. But in his entire career, he did a lot to still remain his place in the 10 Richest Cricketers of 2019.

His net worth is $160M. He is considered to be the most wealthy cricketer ever in the history of Indian Cricket. Soon, Virat Kohli will best him here, too.

2. MS Dhoni :


His net worth is $111M. He has done hundreds of brand deals in recent years which yields him a good amount of money every year. He is the only Indian Captain having all 3 major ICC trophies.

Mahendra Singh Dhoni is a name of excellence.

3. Virat Kohli :


He has recently launched his restaurant named One8 in Delhi, also his sports brand in association with Puma. He is into cricket as well as business. He is number one is Forbes list too this year. His met worth is $60M.

4. Sourav Ganguly :


Dada is now the president of BCCI. He is the last word of Indian cricket now and well deserved. His net worth is $56M. The former Indian captain is still doing his ‘Dadagiri’ in his own style.

5. Virendra Sehwag :


Having a net worth of $40, Virendra Sehwag ranks at number 5 in the list of 10 Richest Indian In 2019. His IPL Contracts, BCCI compensation, private organization all help him to maintain his wealth.

But his tweets are wealthier than any tweets on Twitter.

6. Yusuf Pathan :


Having a Net worth of $27M, Yusuf Pathan is still in the game of Richness. Brand supports, BCCI compensation, and his businesses help him to maintain his wealth.

7. Yuvraj Singh :


When Yuvi had Cancer entire nation prayed, he is one of the most loved cricketers of all time. His net worth is $23M.

The 2007 World Cup victory, that jump in 2011 World Cup when MS swung that sixer and his hard-hitting 6 sixers are something remarkable about Yuvi.

8. Rohit Sharma :


Indian Test Format Captain is now having a net worth of $18.7M. His entire expense comes from BCCI, IPL and Brand endorsements.

9. Gautam Gambhir :


With a Whopping $15.2M Net worth, Gambhir is the reason why we won the 2011 World Cup. Period.

His asset consists of properties, BCCI compensation, IPL, and brand endorsement.

10. Suresh Raina :


Heart Throb of many girls, Suresh Raina has a net worth of $13M. IPL, BCCI compensation, Brands and much more helps him to yield good money every year.

These were the 10 Richest Indians in 2019 from the field of Cricket, Films and of course business. These people are known for their respective works. Now it’s time to start your 2020, the new decade with the motivation of “If they can, Why can’t I?”


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