10 Hot Ways To Seduce Your Partner In A Relationship

In the mood for some, ahem? Want to turn the heat up? Then there’s nothing hotter than to be able to seduce your partner and controlling the situation! If you are in a long term relationship and would love to steam things between you and your partner, here are a few hot ways to seduce your partner. 


The chemistry and intensity of any relationship, gradually turns into comfort and familiarity, which is a good thing! The early days of passion cannot come back, but you must find ways to relive that passion and bring back the spark with small acts of seduction. The beauty of any relationship is that it grows with time, and when you have comfort in a relationship, you can seduce your woman with confidence. Getting your partner’s attention will not only heat up the night, but it will even strengthen the chemistry in your relationship. In this article, we give you 10 ways to seduce your girlfriend!

1. Tease Her :


Being playful and naughty with your partner is a great way to spice up the heat. Romantic gestures, or seducing your partner in ways showing her what she can have. You can leave little hints in hot ways to seduce your partner. Nothing is hotter than teasing and driving your partner crazy with desire! Teasing her will make her want you more, you can grab her attention to things she finds sexy about you. 

2. Talk Dirty :


In this case, you can start by talking dirty to your partner. Dirty talk works like a charm! Whether it’s 10 days into your relationship or 10 months. It’s one of the ways to seduce your partner, even if you are far from her. You can tell her that you can’t wait to get back home, and about the things you want to do to her. We guarantee you that your partner will be instantly turned on to get this sort of sexual intent and attention from you.

3. Buy Her some Lingerie :


The only thing hotter than a woman in lacy underwear is when you show her how attractive you find her. You can do so by surprising her with some racy underwear! It can indicate that you would like to see her in that and even show your desire for her. Maybe she will even put it on for you in bed the same night!

4. Wear Her Favorite Perfume : 


One way to grab your woman’s attention is to wear her favorite scent. Talking about different ways to seduce your girlfriend, we cannot miss out on this one. A familiar perfume in a long term relationship can spark feelings of romance, and sexual desire. Women tend to easily get a grasp of scents and have emotions connected to the perfume that her closest people that can prove.

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5. Initiate Sex :


If you are in a long term relationship, then you have many moments to surprise your partner and initiate sex in different ways. When you initiate romantic and sexual gestures toward your partner when she least expects it, then the night is sure to end amazing! This is one of the hottest ways to seduce your partner.

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6. Romantic Getaway :


Nothing says HOT, like a romantic weekend getaway. Make sure to wrap work and arrange everything for a little trip for just you both. You can surprise her and she will be swept off her feet! She will appreciate the thought and effort you put into it and totally find you charming. Not to forget, the change of scenery, and some alone time that will benefit you both.

7. Take Charge : 


If your woman find’s it sexy when you take charge, it is a clear signal telling you what she likes! When you take control and grab your woman’s attention, she will find nothing hotter. You can start by strip teasing and later stripping her as she enjoys. You will enjoy being the dominant one and letting her relax while she has her way with you. 

8. Try something Kinky :


Want to know how to spice things up in a long term relationship, then probably you can try something kinky to seduce your partner. Probably you can start small, like buying her some racy lingerie, or surprising her with some handcuffs, to add some element of kink to the relationship. This is a great way to seduce your partner to have some steamy moments. 

9. Suggest something New :


Similar to the previous point, another sensual way to turn your partner is by being open about the positions you have tried. You can suggest a new sex position or read about it together. By trying something new you both haven’t done yet is one of the hottest ways to seduce your partner.

10. Show Her What You Like :


Apart from initiating, another way to seduce your girlfriend is by expressing her what you like in bed and otherwise. You can take her hand and show her how you want to be touched or vice versa. This way you get what you want and she enjoys it too! Being expressive about your sexual desires is the hottest way to charm your partner in bed. 

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Conclusion :

These are a few ways to seduce your partner and initiate sex. Most partners refrain from seduction, however, seduction is not as complicated as you can see. Seduction is an important element to any adult relationship, to keep the desire and passion alive. It also shows your partner that you still find them attractive. 

A little effort, creativity, and element of surprise are all you need to have a fun night! If you are new to seduction you can start with simple tips like wearing her favorite perfume, or planning a romantic getaway. But if you want to turn the heat up you can try by buying lingerie or suggesting something new in the bedroom. As important as relationships are, these little things go a long way. So next time you want to surprise your partner, initiate one of these to take her off her feet!

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