10 Grooming Gadgets That Every Man Should Have

In the recent few years, men’s grooming industry is booming. Earlier, men’s grooming was a pretty neglected thing in the world as typical ‘grooming’ products were only meant for women. Now breaking the jinx, the world has adopted the need for men’s grooming and the essential products, grooming gadgets that every man should have in their grooming kit.


In this article, we will be talking about the most important and essential grooming gadgets for men, which are must-have in 2020. From electric shaver to precise trimmer, the list has got all. Let’s check the top 10 Grooming gadgets that every man should have in their kit.

10 Grooming Gadgets That Every Man Should Have :

We got you covered if you are looking for the must-have grooming gadgets for your grooming kit in the year 2020. Let’s unveil.

1. Beard Trimmer :


The most important gadget to tackle and manage facial hair is a beard trimmer. Since the time this beard trimmer came into the market, it has exponentially developed to be a better version of itself. Previously it came with a cord, and now it is mostly cordless. A cordless and fast charging beard trimmer is all you need for your grooming kit like a man.

Philips has some incredible beard trimmer that comes under only 2K and they are both corded and cordless. Also, they come up with a fast-charging facility. They all have 0.5 to 10mm comb length so that you can style your beard however you want.

Stop spending so much to groom your beard at a salon when you can do it at home for free with a beard trimmer. It’s a grooming gadget every man should have!

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2. Electric Toothbrush :


Admit it, guys are lazy! They do not want to start their day while brushing their teeth where they have to shake their hands so much with a sleepy pair of eyes. They do not like it, honestly. But, an electric toothbrush can just ease up the game.

With an Electric toothbrush, one can easily knock off the daily torturous routine, and they can just hold the toothbrush and it will do its work. How cool is that for all the lazy people out there? (Huge in number, we tell you!)

An electric toothbrush is always better at removing plaque and deep cleaning your teeth as it has a good rpm rate which works in favor. Making your wrist pain free is just a bonus!

Again, Philips is a prominent brand in this gadget as well as Oral-B has some very unique Electric Toothbrush on which you can rely on!

3. A Face Cleansing Brush :


Cleansing brushes are not at all ‘too-much’ of a gadget dependency for men. It may seem so, but let us inform you, they are as equally important as your deep cleansing face wash. When you apply face wash on your face, it is not capable of removing the dead skins from your faces, cleansing the facial pores and especially invading the facial hair.

A cleansing brush, you can say, a big electric brush which rubs across your face and exfoliates the dead skin from your face, also being capable of cleaning the skin beneath your beard, you get an ultimate cleaning session of your face.

Once done, you can apply your deep cleansing face wash and it will work 10X better now.

Proactiv is a prominent brand you can rely on while getting this gadget. Also, there are other alternatives available if you wish to spend less but get this gadget in your grooming kit.

4. Detail Trimmer :


Detail trimmer is definitely one of the most important grooming gadgets every man should have in his grooming kit. A detail trimmer saves your look being devastated while exposing the hair in the nose, ear and many other places. It chops off the unruliness from your face and provides you a completely decent look.

If you thought that giving yourself a detailed shave is enough to look decent in the office meeting, you were wrong.

This kind of micro-trimmers is designed to trim the nose, ear, and eyebrows. In fact, many other possible parts of your body where you have in-grown hair.

Always buy from a reputed brand because it might save you money but it will definitely cost you some nicks, otherwise. A detail trimmer is a very important gadget to have for men in today’s time 2020, where all the men around likes to bring their A-game to the day to day fashion.

Philips is a trusted brand in most of the men’s grooming gadgets and this is also not an exception. There are other brands too, but make sure to get a reputed one.

5. Hair Dryer :


There has been a lot of different opinions about Hairdryer. Most of the people think drying up your hair with a hairdryer causes baldness. Well, to satisfy your answer, here you go,

In short, if you know how to use a hairdryer properly, you will not face even 1% baldness due to it. You must hold the dryer in a decent distance, you should always rely on cold air blow and less on warm air blow.

Most of the hairstyles you would like on you will require a hairdryer to set your hair properly. And then, the hair products you use will do their justice. A hairdryer is a very important gadget in the men’s gadget world. Without a hairdryer, it is extremely tough and time-consuming to style up your hair.

Of course, Philips is one of the best hair dryer brands. But there are also brands like NOVA and Chaoba which will help you to set your hair however you want. They all cost hardly around ₹1,000, you must pick up the right one for your purpose.

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6. Flosser :


An Electric Flosser has successfully made it to the list of top 10 affordable grooming gadgets that every man should have. Considering the fact, that most men face the yellow untidy teeth problem, it is important to have an electric Flosser to shine your teeth up.

It will help you to clean in between your gums and in between your teeth. If the fiber of food gets stuck even, it can make it cleaned.

One of the most trusted brands which have electric Flosser for men is Philips. There are many, but Philips manages to be the most trustworthy.

7. Combs And Brushes :


They are not so much technical, but yet they get the name of ‘Gadget’. Imagine your life without a comb and brush. You can technically not set your hair at all. Without a hairdryer and hair product you can still manage to set up your hair but without a comb and brush? It gets impossible.

Combs and brushes are the least of the gadgets, but you should always have the right combs and brushes. One must have a Roller comb, a flat comb. The round roller brush helps you to take as many hairs as possible and set them together.

There are Wooden Combs by The Man Company which are worth trying. There are combs by the brand named Vega. Both are extremely nice to have in the kit.

8. Manicure Set :


A manicure Set is a very important grooming gadget every man should have. Yes, men do require manicure as they slog their arse off during the whole week and their feet get tired. By a manicure set, we do not only mean the right nail-cutters, nail filers. But as well as essential oils and salts to pour in the sizzling water too.

Nail scissors, tweezers are also important parts of the manicure set.

The most trusted brand in the manicure set for men is Taslar. You should always get yourself their set as it has got all you will ever need to perform a pedicure and manicure at home.

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9. Body Trimmer :


Yes, it is not advisable to trim your beard and the body with the same trimmer. Body trimmers are specially built to combat body hairs at different places on the body. From your pubic area to the front portion of the thighs, everywhere it needs a proper body trim. A body trimmer makes it’s even sexy to flaunt your ripped jeans. With a trimmed skin beneath.

There are many body trimmers and the brands available. Philips, Havells, Nova and other brands are available. But undoubtedly body trimmer is an important gadget for every man possible.

10. Electric Shaver :


An electric shaver is an important gadget that should be owned by every man who prefers a clean-shaven look. Electric shaver saves you a lot of time and quickens the entire process of shaving.

One of the best elector shaver available is by Philips.

*One Bonus : Sensor Mirror


This is a bonus gadget that should be owned by every man in their grooming kit. That is a sensor mirror that can magnify up to 5x and help you to shave your beard by providing you a deeper look availed on the LED screen.

These were the topmost grooming gadgets that every man should have in his grooming kit. There are loads of more, but as these are the gadgets that are the most essential, those other gadgets couldn’t make it to the list. Whereas, these are must-buys!

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