10 Crucial Fashion Tips For Skinny Guys You Must Know

Are you also annoyed by people calling you skinny? Do you also admire other men having muscular bodies and think women are more attracted to them? Or have you ever been a victim of blaming yourself for being thin? Even if you have answered any two of these questions as “YES” then you are at the right place. Here we have discussed some amazing fashion tips for skinny guys which can really help you to amp up your fashion game instantly.

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We know what you have heard in your teenage, “go to the gym and gain weight” but these gym sessions might not be fruitful for you to gain weight in a short span of time. But why worry when you can actually look bulkier and less thin just by styling yourself appropriately.

Blaming yourself for being skinny is not fair. So follow these 10 fashion tips for skinny guys which can help you make visual gains and look more fashionable.

Without wasting any time let’s dive into them.

10 Major Fashion Tips Skinny Guys Should Follow :

1. Stop Wearing Skinny Fit Jeans :

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Choosing skinny-fit jeans is the biggest blunder that many guys do. Skinny guys should always go for slim-fit jeans that are body-hugging and maintain legroom at the same time. Slim fit jeans help in creating an illusion of width around your upper thigh area and lower legs which makes you look bulkier.

Also, keep in mind to not go for baggy jeans as it gives a shabby appearance on skinny guys and can even make you look shorter in height. The best option is to pair chinos with your basic tees and shirts to achieve an edgy yet chic look. Also, you can go for slim-fit cargos to try out the funky high street look.

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Try these slim-fit jeans :

2. Always Opt For Full Sleeve Shirts :

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Long sleeve shirts are surely a go-to for skinny guys be it for the day look or the evening one. If you are a skinny guy, then long sleeve shirt helps you to hide your thin arms and makes you look healthy and less conscious. You can style long sleeve shirts in so many different ways, either with your denims, chinos, and cargos as well.

Also, you can roll up your sleeves up to your elbow to add more definition to your look. If you still wish to wear half sleeve shirts, then you should make sure that the sleeves are fitted around your arms and falling not too loose.

Try these long sleeve shirts :

3. Pay Attention To Upper Body Fit :

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Amongst these fashion tips for skinny guys, fit also plays a vital role. Skinny guys should pay attention while choosing clothes for their upper body whether a T-shirt or shirt. A shirt should not be too tight around your chest area and should fall perfectly on your shoulders.

Skinny guys need not worry about the fit below your chest. Just make sure that all the seam lines in the garment should match the natural lines of the body. Just by paying attention to these small things, you can amplify your styling game.

4. Layer Your Outfits :

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Layering is an art of dressing in which we combine and mix-match our clothes to create an outfit. Layering proves to be truly a blessing for skinny guys. It is one of the most important fashion tips for skinny guys. You can layer your shirts, T-shirts, pullovers with a jacket or an overshirt to look much bulkier.

One important thing to keep in mind is the material of the jacket according to the season. In summers, you can go for an overshirt made from fabrics like flannel, corduroy, denim, etc. And in winters you can either go for the leather jacket, bomber jacket, or the puffer ones. Also, a denim jacket is an all-season jacket that can be layered to attain a cooler and bulkier look.

You guys can also try out the chunky, thick knits which are in trend nowadays. Textured fabrics help in creating an illusion of having more mass and thus make you look healthy.

Tip – Always start layering with light fabric and then to heavier one or vice versa.

Try these cool jackets for layering your outfits :

5. Opt For Slim Fitted Tailoring :

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Moving forward to formal wear; for all the formal occasions or events, skinny guys should always keep their tailoring slim fitted. You can choose between a 3-piece or 2-piece suit, blazer, buttoned-down shirts, etc. A slim-fit blazer when paired with a solid Tee or shirt gives a very classy and muscular look by making your shoulders look wider.

Your tailored outfit should always be body-hugging and not body squeezing. Even while choosing a buttoned-down shirt, make sure to choose a slim-fit shirt.

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6. Invest In Slim Shoes :

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Now coming to the most important part of your outfit that completes your whole look i.e. the footwear. Always remember footwear is the first and the last thing people lay their eyes on, so make sure you pick the right pair of shoes that not only go with your attire but also with your physique.

Skinny guys shouldn’t go for big chunky and oversized shoes because that will make your legs look slimmer. Always go for a well-fitted pair of shoes or basic sneakers that complements your outfit. The best options for skinny guys are the high ankle shoes or boots as it scrunches the jeans and will make your legs look bigger and bulkier.

Try these slim shoes :

7. Try To Avoid V-Necks

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One of the most important fashion tips for skinny guys is to stop wearing V-neck T-shirts because it is the biggest mistake they do in their daily life. V-necks add a more vertical aspect to your outfits and highlight your collar bones thus making you look slimmer.

So skinny guys should always go for crew neck T-shirts, sweaters, and even polo neck or hoodie neck that will add more width to your neckline. Also, make sure while purchasing a shirt that the topmost button is not too deep as it will also make you look slender.

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8. Play With Patterns And Colors :

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Playing with patterns and colors is actually a great way of visually tricking people and making you look less skinny especially in summers. Layering is more or less suitable for only winters, so in summers skinny guys should experiment with various colors and patterns. Skinny guys should always prefer light, pastel colors like white or beige as they help in emphasizing your body’s natural bulges.

Horizontal stripes and small checks are some of the best options available for skinny guys. Also, big patterns like floral prints do favor skinny guys by creating an illusion of depth and can be paired with trousers to achieve a sassy evening party look.

Try these cool shirts :

9. Say No To Vertical Stripes :

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I know saying no to stripes is impossible because they never go out of fashion and are so pleasing to our eyes. Stripes are universal, works with formal as well as casual wear. But skinny guys should avoid wearing vertical stripes as they create an elongated appearance of our body which makes you look slimmer.

They can surely go for horizontal striped shirts and T-shirts because it helps in creating an illusion of width. So a “no” for vertical stripes but a big “yes” for horizontal stripes.

10. Go Fo Thicker Fabrics To Add Some Extra Bulk :

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Till now we’ve discussed various styling or fashion tips for skinny guys but there are even fabrics that you guys must know as they can help you make visual gains. So textured fabrics like tweed, flannel, denim, corduroy prove to be more helpful for skinny guys.

Also, chunky thick knits are trending nowadays which certainly helps in looking bulkier especially in winters. So besides lightweight wools, thick chunky knits should obviously be a part of your wardrobe. In summers, layering is the key for skinny guys to look bulkier and stylish.

11. Strengthen Your Physical Appearance :

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Here comes the bonus fashion tip for every skinny guy. Unfortunately, we all are subconsciously judged first by our outward appearance. The inner strengths like good personality, well manners, or impeccable communication skills come later.

Thus we need to work on getting a strong outward presentation as well. You should always do some physical activity to be fit and healthy even if your gains are slow. lastly, try to consult with a dietician and focus on building some muscles.

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Bottom Line:

So these are some crucial fashion tips for skinny guys that will surely help in making better choices for your closet and some visual gains as well. Now you have the key on how to look classy and get people talking about your personality instead of just your physique. Also, you can find links of some of the best options that we have to recommend to you guys. Just try these out in your daily life and you’ll actually feel stronger and more confident.

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FAQ’s :

1. What colors should skinny guys wear?

Skinny guys should always prefer light pastel colors. You can also go for earthly browns or beige that are in trend and makes you look burly. Pastel colors work better than dark colors in accentuating your body’s natural bulges, so avoid wearing dark colors.

2. What accessories should I wear if I am skinny?

Do not go for big chunky jewelry. You can go for a small, minimalistic necklace. For belts, choose a wide, monochrome one so that it doesn’t outshine your outfit. You can also wear 1-2 rings but make sure you’re going for the silver or oxidized ones. Always try to keep your look as simple as you can.

3. What shoes should a skinny guy wear?

The best option is to go for a comfortable pair of sneakers. You can also try out a well-fitted pair of ankle boots for a funky look. Do not wear big, oversized shoes as it makes you look slimmer.

4. Which shirt is best for skinny guys?

If you’re on the thinner side, you should always go for shirts labeled as slim-fit shirts. Always buy a shirt that fits you well across the shoulder and chest. And in T-shirts, crew neck and polo neck T-shirts are more suitable for you guys.

5. How can skinny guys look attractive?

Being attractive is not all about wearing stylish clothes and having a good hairstyle, but it is also about your body posture, the way you talk, your personality, confidence, and so many other things. So, work on those things, and lastly, never forget to keep a smile on your face.

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