10 Best Tyvek Wallets In India That You Must Have

If you haven’t heard about Tyvek lately, let us help you out. This revolutionary new material is distinctive in both look and feel from the known materials. Paper, leather and fabric have their own advantages and disadvantages. You will surely appreciate a Tyvek made wallet, over a leather one, once you use it. Why? We will find out in the next segment. This article sorts out some of the best Tyvek wallets in India for you. Go for any one of them and feel the benefits yourself.

Men in India generally slide their bulky and heavy leather wallets in the back pocket of their trousers. It is not at all recommended; according to Orthopaedics, sitting on a flat surface with a bulky wallet in your back pocket, can seriously impact our bone and skeletal structure and lead to permanent disorders.

Men should opt for a lightweight and paper-thin wallet just like a Tyvek wallet. Before jumping on the list of the best Tyvek wallets in India, let’s explore a bit about Tyvek and the benefits of using a Tyvek wallet.

Q. What Is Tyvek?

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Tyvek is a lightweight and flexible spunbonded material, made using high-density polyethylene fibres. It has both the feel of paper and fabric, but it is none of them. Sheets made from this strong and durable material are stronger than paper and have more versatile usages than fabric. Most importantly it is vegan and 100% recyclable too. Ever heard of such an all-round material? We are sure you haven’t. The benefits of using a Tyvek wallet will surprise you.

Benefits Of Using A Paper/ Tyvek Wallet :

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  • Completely water-resistant, saves your belongings from rain, snow and accidental spills.
  • Superior tear and puncture resistant, thanks to the randomly laid and compressed, nonwoven fibres of Tyvek.
  • Minimalist design meets your fashion sense.
  • Slim, lightweight and unnoticeable design, doesn’t impact your natural body posture while sitting on a flat surface with the wallet in your back pocket.
  • 100% breathable material allows water vapour to permeate but prevents water and other liquid from entering the wallet.

10 Best Tyvek Wallets That You Must Have :

1. Supervek Tyvek Men’s Wallet

Among the best Tyvek wallets in India, the Supervek Men’s wallet is designed for the Royal bikers. This collection is exclusively designed to show your love for bikes. Made out of non-woven synthetic Tyvek material, this wallet is incredibly strong and durable compared to leather wallets. This super lightweight wallet doesn’t let you feel its presence in your pocket.

Tyvek is also waterproof, so it’s an ideal product for all-weather use. It doesn’t compromise with storage. You get two large pockets for Cash and Challans, 2 credit card slots and 2 quick access business card slots. Its minimalistic design is focused on the needs of the current generation. Amazed already? Consider the key benefits for more.

Key Benefits:

  • Paper-thin and superlight design.
  • Stitch free and flexible design adjusts to your pocket easily.
  • Comes with 2 large pockets for cash and 4 card slots.
  • Waterproof material saves your belongings.

2. Supervek Paper-Thin Alter Ego Design

Looking for something fashionable and trendy? Go for the Supervek paper-thin wallet with alter ego design. The attractive design suits your modern fashion sense and enhances your personality too. This Tyvek made wallet is ideal for everyday hustle and bustle. Show your love for animals with this PETA approved vegan material. Supervek doesn’t support animal cruelty at all.

The material is also eco-friendly and recyclable too. The storage capacity is not compromised though. You get 2 large pockets for cash and it can hold up to 12 cards including 6 credit cards and 2 quick access business cards pockets. Let’s have a look at the key benefits which make it one of the best Tyvek wallets in India.

Key Benefits:

  • PETA approved vegan material.
  • Comes with 2 large pockets, 6 credit card slots and 2 business card slots.
  • 100% recyclable material.
  • Waterproof and breathable at the same time.

3. Supervek Starry Wave Multicolour RFID Shield Paper Thin Wallet

This one is one of the best Tyvek wallets in India with starry wave design on it. The vibrant colours of the design represent calmness. It’s an ideal product for people who are always on the move. Unlike leather, Tyvek is a superbly flexible material which adapts to the shape of your body and prevents wrong body posture damage. RFID shield is an innovative feature, added to this unique wallet.

It ensures complete blockage against water, snow and accidental spills. Don’t worry, your belongings are in safe hands if you are using a Supervek paper-thin wallet. As usual, you get 2 large pockets for your cash and multiple other card slots for added storage. The key benefits are as mentioned below.

Key Benefits:

  • Comes with RFID shield for added protection.
  • Fits all currencies.
  • Tear-resistant material.
  • The starry wave design looks more attractive than anything.

4. Supervek-Commando Paper-Thin Vegan Wallet

The best Tyvek wallets in India come with unique designs that suit the mood of the Indians. The supervek commando paper-thin vegan wallet is a perfect example. You get a commando print all over the wallet. It looks cool and sturdy too. Along with the eye-catchy design, you get the utmost convenience of Tyvek material. This super-strong tear-proof material is cheaper and more convenient than leather.

We must also consider the animal cruelty associated with a leather product. Supervek paper-thin vegan wallet uses no animal product associated. It is completely biodegradable too. Let’s have a look at the amazing key benefits of this product.

Key Benefits:

  • Enhance your personality with the sturdy commando design.
  • Comes with completely waterproof Tyvek material.
  • Paper-thin and lightweight yet tear-resistant.
  • Carry cash and 10 to 12 cards at a single time.

5. Supervek-Dollar Stash-Paper-Thin Wallet

If you like wallets with funky designs, we have just the perfect one for you. Here we have a Tyvek made wallet with dollar stash design. Isn’t that interesting? You get a 100 dollar bill print at the front. It really feels like you are holding just a stash of American dollars. It has become one of the most loved among the best Tyvek wallets in India. At the inside, you again get 2 large cash holders and 8 card slots including 2 quick access card slots.

The modern generation looks for speed and convenience. The supervek dollar stash paper-thin wallet is a perfect blend of the same. Talking about durability, this wallet is also made of Tyvek which is wear and tear-resistant. Rest of the key benefits of this wallet are mentioned below.

Key Benefits:

  • The dollar stash design is one of its kind.
  • Comes with 2 large cash slots and 8 to 10 card slots for added convenience.
  • Waterproof material saves your belongings from rain and accidental spills.
  • PETA approved vegan material to reduce animal cruelty.

6. Supervek-Supercam Paper-Thin Tyvek Wallet

We have already introduced some of the most unique designs of Tyvek wallets. But the list of the best Tyvek wallets in India is not yet finished. Supervek has come up with trendy and inspiring designs for the current generation. The next wallet on the list comes with a supercam design. The UV inkjet print on the Tyvek material is of great quality and it lasts long. The wallet has weighed just 30 grams when empty.

Just imagine how lightweight it is. Yet it is tear-proof and highly durable. Tyvek material is surprisingly stretchable too. It adapts to the shape of your body and helps you maintain your natural body structure. You won’t face any problem if your storage needs exceed the capacity sometimes. You’ll absolutely love the key benefits of the product.

Key Benefits:

  • Paper-thin and lightweight design yet can store good amounts of cash and 8 to 10 cards easily.
  • Eco-friendly and recyclable material.
  • Super- strong and durable Tyvek material lasts for long.
  • Completely waterproof yet breathable.

7. Unisex Paper-Thin Tyvek Wallet

Supervek has provided some of the best Tyvek wallets in India. This Unisex Paper-Thin Tyvek Wallet is designed like an envelope containing a mail. It is designed considering the fashion sense of the current generation. The postal stamp printed on the wallet provides a really authentic look. Just like the previous wallets it also can store up to 12 cards and some good amount of cash, thanks to the smart storage design.

The material has superior flexibility and breathability. Yet it saves your belongings from rain and accidental spills. It has also got an RFID blocking facility for added protection for your belongings. Consider the key benefits of this wallet before clicking the buy button.

Key Benefits:

  • 100% waterproof design.
  • Made of durable and tear-proof Tyvek material.
  • Smart storage is capable of storing cash and up to 10 cards.
  • Unique mail envelope design attracts attention.

8. Supervek- Royal Tripping RFID -Paper-Thin Wallet

The Royal Tripping RFID paper-thin wallet comes with a large pocket to store your cash and other bills. You also get to store up to 12 cards in 6 different card slots. This wallet is specially designed for bikers who love to ride their bikes more than anything else. This wallet will add to their spirit and passion for riding. Leather wallets are not waterproof at all. But the Supervek Royal Tripping RFID paper-thin wallet is completely waterproof.

So ride in the rain without a worry. This extremely compact and lightweight wallet can slide in any one of your pockets and you will not feel its presence. Its unmatched strength will surely surprise you. It may look like just a piece of paper but it has the strength like leather. The key benefits have made it one of the best Tyvek wallets in India.

Key Benefits:

  • Unique and elegant design specially for bike riders.
  • Can hold up to 12 cards in 6 slots.
  • RFID shield blocks the radio waves from touching your belongings.
  • Tyvek is complete vegan material, play your part in saving animal lives.

9. Supervek Unisex Stellar Paper-Thin Tyvek Wallet

The next Supervek wallet on our list comes with one of a kind Stellar paper design. This attractive design has already attracted lots of attention and it has been one of the best Tyvek wallets in India. You will absolutely love this abstract design irrespective of your fashion preference. With the eye-catchy design, you get the quality promise of Tyvek material.

No matter how rough your uses are, this material is not going to tear a bit. It is also highly stretchable. So it can contain more than its capacity if needed. As per the storage is concerned your wallet can hold up to 12 cards and a good amount of cash too. The key features of the wallet will grab your attention easily.

Key Benefits:

  • Comes with unique stellar paper design.
  • Made of PETA approved vegan Tyvek material.
  • Waterproof design saves your day in the rain.
  • Durable and stretchable fits more than its capacity if needed.

10. Supervek Men’s Shark Tyvek Classic Wallet

If you still haven’t found the perfect Tyvek wallet for yourself, we present to you the last Tyvek wallet of our list with an aggressive shark design print on it. It will compliment your personality more than anything. The superb finishing on the outside of the wallet will amaze you. The 6 dedicated card slots can hold up to 12 cards for your convenience. You also get 2 large pockets to store your liquid cash.

Even if the wallet is fully loaded, you won’t feel much of its weight. Talking about durability, Tyvek is no less than leather. You will be surprised by its durability and flexibility. Condemn animal cruelty with this PETA approved material. Want to know more? Consider the key features below.

Key Benefits:

  • Aggressive shark design compliments your personality.
  • 6 card slots can hold up to 12 cards.
  • 2 dedicated pockets to store cash.
  • Waterproof and tear-proof material saves your belongings.

All the best Tyvek wallets in India have been included in the above list. We hope you have found the one that suits your personality. Stay tuned for more informative articles like this one.

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