10 Best Truly Wireless Earbuds In India In 2020

Gone are those days when you had to deal with tangled earphones from your pocket or bag. It’s 2020 and the world has gone truly wireless, at least the tech world has gone truly wireless for sure. First, Apple introduced its AirPods in the market, but soon many other brands came with truly wireless earbuds. Here are a few of the best truly wireless earbuds in India for you.

best truly wireless earbuds in India  In 2020

Truly wireless earbuds are in vogue, and there are a lot of duplicate clones and first copy products in the market. Stay away from them. Instead, here we are going to help you to find your budget earbuds without compromising on the quality.

What Are The Benefits Of Truly Wireless Earbuds?

Benefits Of Using Truly Wireless Earbuds

Before we unveil the best truly wireless earbuds in India at affordable prices, let’s discuss why you should get one? What are the main highlights of truly wireless earbuds?

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1. Truly Wireless, Truly Cord-free!

The first and foremost benefit of having truly wireless earbuds is the total rid of wires. They are truly wireless. Truly cord-free. Earlier, there have been Mi Sports Bluetooth earphones, BoAt Rockerz, and many more wireless earphones which were not truly wireless. They were detached from your phone’s 3.5mm input, but still, be hanging around your neck.

Truly wireless earbuds, are the buds who only hang out with your ear if not, they are being charged in the charging case. So no tangling of the wired earphones in the pocket, no time waste on untangling it. Also, no wire of plastic hanging around your neck.

2. Quality & Noise Cancellation :

Quality before anything! If one person is paying ₹4,000 for a pair of earbuds, they should get the quality of the amount spend. And by quality, we mean sound quality to the quality of battery backup, also how the support team backs you up when you are in trouble with your buds. All the best truly wireless earbuds in India we are going to put has the best quality of everything at their price!

Also, Noise cancellation is very important when you want to listen to uninterrupted music or having important phone calls. That too has been duly taken care of!

3. Live the Bond in you!

You can not disagree, when each one of you saw a James Bond movie or any Hollywood or even Bollywood spy movie or action, the way they use the wireless earbuds has always fascinated. Now, it’s time to live it. The truly wireless earbuds with the voice assistants and touch controls will not make you feel any less of a bond.

In most of the earbuds you get a touch control to volume up/down, play/pause/forward/backward, call receive/decline and most importantly the support of Siri & Google Assistant.

Stay in vogue!

So the benefits are many. Now if most of you are thinking what about the con? Nothing can be all good without a few drawbacks, there is. The battery back up is around 3 to 7 hours depending upon the brand and model. But if you use them on below 75% volume level, they will have more juice left. So let’s move onto the 10 Best Truly wireless earbuds in India you should opt for.

10 Best Truly Wireless Earbuds In India In 2020 :

1. Noise Shots X5

best truly wireless earbuds in India

In the list of the best truly wireless earbuds in India, Noise will repeat its name with its different products. Shots X5, you can consider being a pro version of Noise’s previous launches. Having an IPX5 sweat-proof standard will kick off the worries that your burs may get damaged due to sweat or rain. They are safe!

The Acid Blue color looks the best, but you get more cool options to choose from. The sound is top-notch. Each earbud has 4+ hours of battery life, and the charging case can juice it up 5 times more, which makes it 20 hours. The sound is extremely balanced. Though it is priced around ₹7K, on Amazon you will get the product in around ₹4.5K.

2. Noise Shots X1 Air

best truly wireless earbuds in India

In just ₹2K, you are getting a premium sound quality from this solid brand with touch control features. Yes, a completely smooth touch control. The combination of touch gestures can get you done any work without touching your phone. From boosting volume, to track change, to activate Okay Google! All.

What’s the worst part? The case is not a charging case. What’s the best part? You won’t usually need one! It gives you almost 10+ hours of battery back up on the 75% volume level. It is as light as air, having IPX6 sweatproof standards. In ₹2,000, this is it.

3. BoAt Airdopes 311v2

best truly wireless earbuds in India

BoAt had recently come into the market a few years back and they had completely rocked the section of the wired earphone segment. Then the Rockerz segment, and now True Wireless segment too. They say ‘Elevate your game’, and they truly mean it.

Built on Bluetooth V5, IPX5 sweatproof standards, and a brilliant package of sound, this is also a must-buy in the best truly wireless earbuds in India under 3000.

The audio clarity is marvelous. The charging case is 500mAh. There’s a multi-function button that helps you to sail most of the tasks without having your phone out of the pocket.

4. BoAt Airdopes 201

best truly wireless earbuds in India

If you are looking for the same reliable company in a lower budget, then look at this one. IPX4 sweatproof standards make sure they are safe. It provides a battery back up of around 3 hours, but around 75% volume level, you can save battery and the health of your ear too!

It has a secure fit and it looks classy too. A great choice under the best truly wireless earbuds in India under ₹2.5K.

5. CrossBeats Urban 2020

best truly wireless earbuds in India

This is priced around ₹4.5K on Amazon after a heavy discount! But the discount is not a USP. It just weighs around 3.7g, both of them! Truly nice earbuds are the ones with everything balanced- the bass, the treble, and the mids. And CrossBeats Urban has the most balanced sound you will experience.

CrossBeats Urban has a technology that makes sure the earbuds surely takes lesser battery consumption. So an increased amount of playtime is always expected. It provides up to 12 hours of battery back up on a single charge!

6. Portonics Harmonics Twins POR-078

best truly wireless earbuds in India

Portonics is a trusted brand when comes to electronic gadgets. And this one is a true gem along with the perks of being true wireless earbuds. This definitely deserves a place in the best truly wireless earbuds in India list.

The sound quality is mesmerizing. The audio is extremely clear and well balanced. The price is below ₹2500 INR. What else do you need? The manual says the battery back up is around 4 hours, but it can go more if you keep the volume under a 75 percent level. It has a mini version of ₹1700 around which is equally good. The only con is the charging case is open without any lid. Though due to the magnetic field, your buds are safe.

7. Noise Shots X Buds :

best truly wireless earbuds in India

It will provide you with up to 16 hours+ battery life. IPX5 Sweat Proof Standard comes out of the box. The best part about the earbuds is the unique rounded rectangle design. It only makes you look cooler.

The full touch control makes it even smoother. The sound is supremely nice, and so is the design. Most of the earbuds have not so decent mic, but this one does pretty well.

8. MiVi Duo Pods

best truly wireless earbuds in India

From Bhuvan Bam to Mumbiker Nikhil, everyone is pretty much promoting MiVi for all the good reasons. This brand is doing excellent work when it comes to music. Mivi Duo Pods are extremely slick in style.

There is a touch-based area from where you can control anything of the earbuds. Once you connect your earbuds, they will automatically connect with each other and your device without making any fuss.

The supreme audio quality and the 24-hour battery back up with the charging case is something not everybody can provide with.

9. Truke Fit 1

best truly wireless earbuds in India

If you are a fan of bass, you will love these earbuds. This is also one of the best truly wireless earbuds in India. Almost three and a half hours of playback time is there. The best option is you can turn each of your earbuds to a monopod. Which means you can use them as independent units.

They cost only ₹1200 and they are good. They come with a splash-proof certificate. Including the case, you will get almost 12 hours plus battery back up.

10. p-Tron Bassheads

best truly wireless earbuds in India

They are the last one on the list, and they worth it. In only ₹1400, you are getting a pair of earbuds with super-smooth sound clarity. As the name suggests, it is a bass booster in your ears!

They pair extremely fast and quickly, and each earbud is extremely light weighted. The charging case is of 400mAh. Overall, an extremely good buy!

These were all the True Wireless Earbuds In India 2020. Not everyone can afford a Bose or an AirPod. So for them, the budget-friendly truly wireless earbuds’ names are already given. Pick the best one for you!

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