10 Best Intimate Wash For Indian Men

Considering the climatic condition of our country, men in India need to follow regular grooming practices for themselves to stay fresh and active. Just like our exposed body parts, our intimate and private areas also need to be taken care of. So let’s find out the best intimate wash for Indian men and stay away from skin issues on your groin area forever.

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To ease your efforts we have come up with 10 best intimate wash options especially for Indian men in this article. These reliable products are well known to provide optimum protection to our intimate areas and prevent bad odour, skin irritation and fungal infections effectively.

Let’s first know why do men need an intimate wash after all.

Q. Why Do Men Need An Intimate Wash?

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Do you feel the urge to scratch the skin of your intimate area every now and then? Is your conjugal life getting affected due to your unhygienic private body parts? It’s high time you took preventive measures. Insufficient male intimate hygiene can lead to fungal infections, candidiasis, balanitis, herpes, male thrush, jock itch etc.

It can also reduce your libido and promote sexually transmitted diseases and affect your partner. On the other hand, hygienic intimate practices like using an intimate wash daily, can prevent all skin issues and enhance your sex drive as well. Stay with us and choose the best intimate wash for Indian men to turn things around.

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Product List:

  1. Skin Elements Men’s Intimate Wash
  2. Spruce Shave Club Intimate Wash
  3. Pee Safe Natural Intimate Wash With Ayurveda Extracts
  4. Man Matters Intimate Wash
  5. Rustic Art Organic Intimate Wash
  6. Keeo Dirty Boy Vegan Intimate Wash
  7. Adam And Co. Intimate Wash With Neem & Aloe Vera
  8. HYGEE Hygiene Wash
  9. Urbangabru Intimate Wash With Tea Tree Oil
  10. Sirona Intimate Wash

10 Best Intimate Wash Especially For Indian Men :

1. Skin Elements Men’s Intimate Wash


Intimate areas are generally humid regions. We should ensure proper hygiene practices to stay away from inflammation, irritation and bad odour. Men’s intimate wash by Skin elements is a complete hygiene care package for your privates. It cleans, sanitizes and freshens your intimate areas effectively prevents skin issues.

Residuals, left behind, after using condom and lubricants can promote irritation in your skin and lead to rashes and blemishes. A single wash with Skin Elements Men’s Intimate Wash can relieve your skin from such problems. Its soothing and attractive fragrance adds to your masculinity and stimulates your senses during intimate moments. Its natural ingredients make it more effective than regular soaps and shower gels.

Enriched with Calendula and Aloe Vera extracts soothe itchy skin and to prevent inflammation. The pure tea tree oil works as one of the best antibacterial formulations and the Witch Hazel extract is a natural astringent. Combinedly they maintain the pH of your sensitive private areas. Let’s dive into the key features to know more.

Key Features:

  • Gentle, effective and unique recipe is enriched with natural ingredients for a complete hygiene regime.
  • Free from harmful preservatives like SLS and Paraben.
  • Comes with anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Fused with 100% natural ingredients like Calendula, Aloe Vera, Tea tree oil and Witch Hazel extracts.
  • Removes odour completely and leaves you with an attractive fragrance which enhances your intimate experiences.

2. Spruce Shave Club Intimate Wash For Men


The Spruce Shave Club Intimate Wash For Men has already been praised and acclaimed by multiple skin experts as one of the best intimate wash for Indian men. The product is specially formulated for Indian men considering the delicate pH levels of our intimate areas. It is equipped with balanced pH levels of 5.1 to 5.5 which is apt for men’s intimate areas.

Using soaps and shower gels can leave you with dry and rough skin as they can have pH up to 9. Spruce shave club intimate wash not only improves your intimate hygiene, but it also reduces itching and irritation caused by dirt and sweat. Every time it is used, its essential oils leave you with a refreshed fragrance which takes over bad odour.

Enriched with all-natural extracts and essential oils like Tea tree, Neroli, Sweet Lime, Aloe Vera, Chamomile, Sage, Rosemary, Olive Oil & Vitamin B3, this unique blend can do wonders to your intimate skin. It has antioxidant, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties to prevent dryness, rashes and chafing. The key features of this product will help you get a better understanding.

Key Features:

  • Designed and formulated by expert chemists without any harmful chemicals like sulphates, parabens or added colours.
  • Essential oil provides anti-itching and anti-odour properties to keep you fresh throughout the day.
  • Equipped with balanced pH levels of 5.1 to 5.5.
  • Enriched with all-natural ingredients to provide you with the best effective cleansing experience

3. Pee Safe Natural Intimate Wash For Men


The Pee Safe Natural Intimate Wash for Men is fused with 100% Ayurvedic extracts to deliver you with a refreshing cleansing and hygiene experience every time. It effectively relieves you from itchiness and irritation that causes uncomfort. Yet it is gentle on your delicate intimate skin. Unlike soaps, it brings back and natural pH balance of the skin and retains it.

According to skin experts, one should cleanse the intimate parts of the body well and get rid of the residue from condoms and lubricants after each intimate session, to prevent rashes, inflammation and other skin infections. Pee Safe Natural Intimate Wash does that effectively and ensures a better level of freshness, maintained throughout the day.

Witch hazel extracts prevent skin irritation and create a protective shield against fungal infections. Tea tree essential oil is an antibacterial and antifungal formulation to protect your skin from burns and infections. Have a look at the key features of the product which make this product one of the best intimate wash for Indian men.

Key Features:

  • 100% Ayurvedic formulation ensures optimum freshness and skin protection.
  • Maintains accurate pH levels of the delicate skin.
  • Comes with calendula extracts and tea tree oil to maintain required hydration of the skin.
  • Witch Hazel extract wards off fungal and bacterial infection.

4. Man Matters Intimate Wash For Men


Ignoring intimate hygiene practices can lead to bigger problems for men in the future. Man Matters Intimate Wash For Men ensures to take care of all your intimate hygiene needs. So no need to compromise with your intimate hygiene routine anymore. Man matters introduce SWASH, a super hygienic intimate wash for men, powered by all-natural and herbal ingredients for an optimum cleansing experience of your intimate areas.

Our intimate areas are generally humid and prone to bacterial infections easily. SWASH contains a special formula to remove all kinds of elements that can cause infection and bad odour. This extensively researched blend of Aloe vera and tea tree extract works like a miracle and effectively cools and moisturizes your intimate skin.

Its healing properties reduce itching and irritation too. Enriched with Chamomile, also known as ‘Water of Youth’, this intimate wash optimizes the quality of your skin. Let’s go through the key features of this product to understand why it is considered one of the best intimate wash for Indian men.

Key Features:

  • Made with natural ingredients without any use of preservatives or added colour.
  • Powered with the goodness of olive oil and Chamomile to retain the youthfulness of your intimate area.
  • Its antiseptic and antibacterial properties promote healthy irritation-free skin.
  • Expert formulation of SWASH works magically and reduces infections and other skin issues effectively.

5. Rustic Art Organic Intimate Wash For Men


The best intimate wash for Indian men can be hard to find as most of the products fail to deliver the performance they promise. But not  Rustic Art Organic Intimate Wash For Men. It keeps your intimate area free from unwanted odour and discomfort with the power of neem, basil, tea tree, peppermint, sea buckthorn & cypress.

Their combined effects on your intimate skin will prevent fungal and bacterial infections effectively. They also contain antiseptic properties to protect your delicate skin. This blend of natural ingredients also includes glycerin and aloe vera to moisturize your intimate skin. It is also enriched with organic oils like coconut, olive and karanja to provide the goodness of vitamin E and vitamin B5.

The calming essence of lavender oil keeps fresh all day long. It will also balance the pH levels of your intimate areas and rejuvenate your skin by washing off dead cells. Make sure you take a look at its key features before hitting that buy now button.

Key Features:

  • Contains natural ingredients like neem, basil, tea tree, peppermint, sea buckthorn and cypress for an irritation-free experience.
  • Its essential oils provide the nourishment of vitamin e and vitamin B5 as added benefits.
  • The soothing and calming fragrance of lavender oil keeps you fresh all day long.
  • Specially formulated for Indian men to match the essential pH levels of intimate areas.

6. Keeo Dirty Boy Vegan Intimate Wash


Unhygienic intimate areas can reduce your confidence while beginning an intimate session with your partner. It will directly impact your sexual wellness. Keeo Dirty Boy Intimate wash offers all-round intimate hygiene so that you can take more confident steps towards your partner.

Its mild yet effective formulation cleanses your intimate areas gently without disrupting the natural pH balance of the skin. It is rich in potent natural ingredients like tea tree oil, lavender oil and aloe vera extract which make it gentle enough for daily use. They also reduce itching and foul odour while reducing the risk of infections and STDs.

After every wash it leaves you with an aromatic fragrance which enhances your masculinity creates a good impression when the moment arises. Thanks to lavender oil. It is also known to effectively increase your blood circulation for better skin rejuvenation. Let’s find out the reasons which make it one of the best intimate wash for Indian men.

Key Features:

  • Rich in Tea Tree oil, lavender oil and aloe vera extract to provide you the best cleansing experience ever.
  • Free from parabens, sulphates and other harmful chemicals.
  • Maintains apt pH balance for a healthier intimate area skin.
  • This mild yet effective formula gently cleanses off all unwanted elements from your private areas.

7. Adam And Co. Intimate Wash With Neem & Aloe Vera


Had a tiring and sweaty day? Don’t just take a shower, ensure all-round hygiene practices with Adam and Co Intimate Wash For Men. Considered one of the best intimate wash for Indian men, the Adam and Co Intimate Wash rinses off all bacterial and fungal attacks on your intimate skin.

It has been proved to be an effective solution for allergies, rashes, itching and foul odour. The basic ingredient of this amazing formula is Neem extracts. Neem has been known as one of the greatest ailments for all kinds of skin issues for thousands of years. It has natural antibacterial properties.

Fused with aloe vera, this formulation provides an excellent soothing and calming effect on your skin. For best results, it can be used daily during showers. So get ready to experience active freshness all day long with Adam and Co Intimate Wash For Men.

Key Features:

  • Clinically proven pH balanced formula to retain the natural pH of the skin.
  • Experience all day freshness with its delightful fragrance.
  • Foam pump bottle is easy to use.
  • Equipped with neem and aloe vera extracts for optimum results.

8. HYGEE Hygiene Wash For Men


HYGEE Hygiene Wash for Men is specially formulated for masculine intimate areas. Its potent natural and herbal ingredients deliver one of the best results among the other intimate washes. Being covered most of the time, our intimate areas are humid and prone to skin diseases.

HYGEE intimate wash provides you with best in class anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. If used daily, you can observe the change in your intimate hygiene miraculously. It is a unique blend of Ghritkumari or Aloe vera, Neem, Dalchini, calendula and Gokhru.

Together they retain the natural moisture of the skin, create a shield against fungus and bacteria, provide relief from inflamed and itching skin and retain the youthfulness of the skin. What more to expect, right? It has all the skin alleviating properties which the best intimate wash for Indian men should have.

Key Features:

  • Fights against bacterial and fungal infection effectively.
  • Provides long lasting freshness.
  • Reduces itching and rashes.
  • Removes unwanted odour and leaves you with fresh fragrance.

9. Urbangabru Intimate Wash With Tea Tree Oil


Say goodbye to Sweating, Irritation, Dryness and bad odour forever with one of the best intimate wash for Indian men, Urbangabru Intimate Wash. Make hygiene your primary daily practice and experience greater confidence and healthier skin. Make your intimate area smoother and maintain proper moisture with the help of Urbangabru Intimate wash.

It is specially designed for the Indian “Gabrus” and clinically tested to deliver the best results. It prevents bacterial and microbial infection effectively without disrupting the natural pH balance. Unlike soap and body wash, this intimate wash makes your skin moisturized and reduces dryness.

Daily use of the same prevents excess sweating and bad odour and lightens your skin. This superb blend of Aloe vera, tea tree oil and sea buckthorn oil provides all-round nourishment that your skin needs.

Key Features:

  • Specially designed for Indian men to reduce bacterial and microbial infection caused by excess sweating.
  • Mild and gentle formula delivers optimum cleansing without any side effect.
  • Free from paraben and sulphate.
  • Remove unwanted foul odour from your intimate area and gain greater confidence while intimate moments.

10. Sirona Intimate Wash For Men


Soaps and body washes have higher pH levels than that of our intimate skin. Using soaps and body washes can disrupt the pH balance of the skin and lead to skin problems. So if you are still into them, you may need to reconsider and choose the best intimate wash for Indian men.

Opt for Sirona Intimate wash for men and enhance your hygiene practices. It is equipped with the goodness of real exotic oils and Ecocert skin purifiers to provide you with the utmost nourishment for your intimate skin. Post using the product, you experience a feeling of purity and freshness throughout the day.

Rich in olive oil and oud oil, this intimate wash soothes the irritation of your skin by maintaining the pH apt balance. The delicate skin around our crotch needs an expert formulation which can gently take care of it without causing any harm. This hypoallergenic and pH balanced formula does the same for you.

Key Features:

  • Equipped with real exotic oils and ecocert skin purifiers for complete nourishment.
  • Rich in natural ingredients to soothe your skin and maintain the pH balance perfectly.
  • No chemical actives and preservatives have been used.
  • Gynecologists and dermatologists tested the formula for better results.

Never again compromise or ignore your intimate hygiene. We hope you have already chosen the best intimate wash for Indian men from the above list. Make sure you use it daily to experience the change in your hygiene. Enjoy your intimate moments more than before with the feeling of added freshness and purity.

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