10 Best Homemade Bleach For Face For Instant Glow

You will lie if you say that, you’ve ever wanted to wake up and look into the mirror to see the bright, new fairer you. It’s true; skin color does not define beauty. Nevertheless, having that bad tan on your face that you got last time after going out in the sun isn’t beautiful either. Here we will discuss best homemade bleach for face to get brighter, shinier, and tan-free skin instantly.

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The first advantage is, you will know exactly what is going into the making of your mask; second, you don’t have to shell out ridiculous amounts of money; and third, you don’t have to drag yourself to a salon before a big event.

It’s a great answer to the question of how to bleach skin naturally. That is to use ingredients you find in your kitchen to get and maintain that natural glow on your skin with the help of homemade skin whitening bleach.

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Table Of Contents:

  1. 5 Benefits Of Bleach On Face
  2. 10 Homemade Bleach To Get Glowing Skin Naturally
  3. FAQs

5 Benefits Of Homemade Bleach On Face :

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A bleach has hydrogen peroxide, which is the bleaching agent. Hydrogen peroxide is what is responsible for lightening our hair. It makes us feel brighter and fairer by decreasing the melanin production in our skin. Therefore, here are the main benefits of bleaching your face.

  • Reduces Dark Spots: Homemade bleach for face can help in reducing dark spots on the skin effectively. The dark spots are caused due to sun damage, aging, and hormonal changes. It can be good for those who want to eliminate skin discoloration, including freckles, sun exposure damage, and age spots. Bleaching reduces the blemishes and dark spots on your face, and can also treat the pimple scars you might have had for years. 
  • Evens Out Skin Tone: Lightening the skin can even out your skin tone by reducing the spots of hyperpigmentation, such as sunspots and tanning. It can also help in minimizing the appearance of freckles. Melanin is the element that is responsible for skin color. Therefore, uneven skin tone happens due to the presence of excess melanin in that particular area of the skin.
  • The Face Looks Brighter: The chemicals present in face bleach creams lighten your facial hair, and turn them into a light golden shade within 10 minutes, giving your face an immediate glow. By hiding unwanted hair and reducing dark spots, another benefit that becomes an add-on is that the face looks much brighter than normal.
  • Hide Unwanted Hair: You can also hide those dark unwanted facial hair without going through the painful process of threading or waxing your face. The major component present in facial bleach is hydrogen peroxide, which is the bleaching agent. Hydrogen peroxide lightens your facial hair and makes it golden in color, which then hides all your unwanted facial hair easily. 
  • Clears Out Face: Often we have dull skin when we do not take care of our skin but when we bleach, the tanning instantly goes away and gives us a brighter skin tone and makes us feel good. If you have a lot of facial hair then bleaching is a boon and saves you laser treatment money. 

10 Homemade Bleach To Get Glowing Skin Naturally :

1. Yoghurt

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Yogurt cleans and moisturizes your skin. Using yogurt or curd, as we Indians call it, regularly, can bring impressive results to your face as it is one of the best natural skin whitening ingredients at home. You can simply use yogurt as a single-ingredient- homemade bleach for face and leave it on for 10-15 minutes.

After that, rub it off with a wet tissue or cloth or you can mix a little gram of flour or ground oats to make it into a smooth paste that can be used as a scrub on your facial skin. Apply it over the face and neck area, and keep the pack for half an hour. Massage it in circular movements, and then wash it off.

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2. Gram Flour

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Gram flour is one of the best homemade bleach for face that you can use on your face to brighten your facial skin. It gives the best results when it is used simply without any other ingredient. The coarse texture of the flour alters it as a scrub too, that can be used all over your body. You need to leave a mixture of flour and a dash of cold water on your face for about 20 minutes to get the best results.

Later, wash it off with a splash of not too cold water. This is a homemade remedy for sensitive skin. However, it can be used by all and is especially good for people with pigmented skin. Gram flour deep cleanses your skin. Apply it evenly all over your face. Once it is dry, massage it in circular movements taking a little water in your hands. Later wash it off.

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3. Orange Peel And Juice 

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Consumption of a glass of orange juice every day can work wonders on the texture of your skin. Same way, utilizing the juice and even its peel, directly onto your skin can bring in a lot of changes. For this homemade bleach for face, you can directly lay fresh orange peel onto your facial skin or grind it into a fine powder and combine it with some yogurt, spread it onto your face, and wipe it off after 20 minutes.

Instead, you can also mix some orange juice with a teaspoon or two of turmeric powder and apply it to your face and take it off after 20 minutes. However, do be careful while using turmeric powder, because using a lot can leave a stain on your skin. Orange peel is an excellent ingredient to exfoliate your skin.

4. Lemon

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Wondering how to naturally lighten skin? Throw some Lemons at it. Lemons are the most natural skin whitening ingredients at home, and bleaching products that you can lay your hands on. For using this homemade bleach for face, you can squeeze two lemons, soak cotton balls in it and dab the cotton onto your face and let it sit there for a while.

Alternatively, you can mix a little bit of rose water along with it for an extra fragrance and for softer skin. You can also mix it with some yogurt or oats yogurt, forget a coarse scrub that can stay on your face for 20 minutes.

5. Honey

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Honey de-tans the skin. One of the major reasons for uneven skin tone is dry skin. Moisturizing your skin properly itself can make half its problems vanish. Honey, a common homemade bleach for face, and a household ingredient help in moisturizing your skin.

You can simply rub it on your face and take it off after 15 minutes or alternatively- mix it with some powdered milk and almond oil for fragrance and leave it on as a scrub and exfoliate your skin. Mix all the ingredients together and apply it over the face and neck area. Keep the pack for half an hour by massaging it in circular movements. Later wash it off.

6. Aloe Vera Or Cucumber 

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Aloe Vera has in-built qualities that will help with hyperpigmentation, a process that brings back your natural color to your face. Also, the cooling agents in it relax your skin and fasten the process of regenerating dead skin cells and damaged tissues. It is also an excellent homemade bleach for face, and a skin relaxer during summers after you’ve been out for several hours.

A similar agent is a cucumber which cools your skin instantly and relaxes it and accelerates the process of regenerating dead skin cells. It also binds collagen in your skin and keeps your face supple and firm. Suitable for all skin types, the vegetable can be cut and placed on areas where you have dark spots for a lighter skin tone.

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7. Turmeric

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Turmeric works on the blemishes. Turmeric is a constant agent for reducing dark patches on your skin and bringing in an even skin tone. Turmeric powder can be used simply with some cold water or mixed with orange peel powder as mentioned earlier, or even with some honey or yogurt as a homemade bleach for face.

Do be careful while using turmeric as it can leave a long-standing stain on your face. Mix it all together and apply it evenly all over your face. Once it is dry, massage it in circular movements taking a little water in your hands. Wash it off with water.

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8. Sandalwood Paste

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Wanna know how to bleach skin naturally? Sandalwood paste can be your answer to it. Sandalwood paste has cooling effects on your skin, and it helps reduce scars on the face. It helps maintain the melanin production in the skin, making your skin glow with this homemade skin whitening bleach.

Take a bowl and put sandalwood powder in it (as per your requirement). Put some water and make a paste. Apply it to your face and neck area evenly. Keep it for 7 – 10 minutes, or till it dries up. Pat some water on your face, and in circular movements massage your face with it. Wash it off.

9. Mint Pack

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Mint emits a cooling effect and has astringent properties. It also de-tans the skin and evens out the skin tone making it an excellent skin whitening bleach. It is easy to make and a very good homemade remedy for oily skin. Using mint leaves and little water (if required), make a paste. Apply it over the face and neck area. Let it dry and with a little water in your hand, massage your face in circular movements. Wash it off.

10. Sugar and Olive Oil

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Wanna know how to naturally lighten skin? Use some sugar and Olive oil. This face pack is best for dry skin since olive oil moisturizes the skin and makes it supple and soft. On the other hand, sugar exfoliates and de-tans the skin. Mix both the ingredients and apply them to your face. After 15 minutes, with a little water in your hand, massage it in a circular motion. Rinse it off with lukewarm water.

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Bottom Line:

While chemical bleaches show an immediate result, homemade bleach for face may take more time and applications before you get to see your skin whiten. However, if you have the patience, there can be nothing better than homemade facial bleach. It is cost-effective and a safe way to get glowing skin as the skin goes through tremendous stress every day because of pollution, stress, and an unhealthy lifestyle. Isn’t that why we spend exorbitant amounts of money and time at the salon to get radiant skin.

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Before changing your skincare habits, we would recommend consulting a dermatologist. We hope that you find this article helpful. If you like it, share it, and stay tuned for more. 

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FAQs :

1. Is bleaching good for the face?

Yes, bleaching is good for the face because it hides unwanted dark facial hair, and gives your face an instant glow.

2. Is skin bleaching safe?

Like everything else, bleaching too is safe when done moderately. Bleaching your face very frequently is a strict no since it would irritate your skin, and cause redness, patchiness, and acne breakouts. Keep a gap of at least 15 days between your bleaching sessions. If you spend a lot of time outdoors, use organic and natural face masks to fight tanning, dryness, and pigmentation.

3.  How often should one bleach?

It is always advisable to bleach once a month because using bleach very often can thin down the skin. Frequent bleaching can also cause redness and acne breakouts. Follow a regular face care routine to get healthy and flawless skin.

4. What are the side effects of bleaching your skin?

Over bleaching can lead to redness and a patchy appearance. It can cause irritation and cause acne. Also, If you bleach your skin very frequently, it can damage your skin from within and make it very thin and prone to tearing.

5. Is skin bleaching permanent?

Not at all, bleaching is not a permanent treatment. It is temporary and its effect wears off in 25-30 days from the date of application. It is usually repeated every 30 days to ensure that one’s face is radiant, clean, and free of tanning and blemishes.


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Disclaimer: This article does not represent the views and opinions of medical professionals. It is solely based on research and reference by the author. It does not offer any medical suggestions or advice.

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