10 All-Time Best Movies On Fashion & Fashion Designers

Movies play crucial roles in our lives. They inspire, they aspire. In fact, most of the amazing stories we get to know are from movies. There are movies in every aspect, but what we are going to talk about today is the best movies on fashion & fashion designers! There are many movies on fashion, as well as the profession related to fashion- Fashion designers.


All the movies do come with some great stories. They all are different from each other yet, very inspiring and knowledgeable. Many of the current fashion designers have somehow been interested in fashion primarily, because of such movies! Maybe it’s your turn today? Let’s have a look.

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5 All-Time Best Movies About Fashion Designers :

There are so many big names in the fashion industry, we know most of them. From Dior to Chanel, but what we do not know is the stories of those fashion designers. The stories about their inner world, the stories about the not so colorful sides of the fashion industry too. Here’s our top 5 pick for world-famous fashion designers.

1. Valentino: The Last Emperor


Talking about the best movies on fashion and fashion designers, Valentino: The Last Emperor has to be mentioned in the list. It is more than a fashion story. This movie tells you about a beautiful relationship with Valentino’s business partner, and it teaches how things require love for your friends as well as for passion.

Valentino, in reality, was no less than a celebrity. He has lived a life as lavishly as his clients. Also, in this movie, we get to witness a dramatic farewell of his career.

This movie tells you about the different business aspects of the fashion industry as well as gets us to the inner circle of this world. The companionship of Valentino and his partner is truly celebrated. Also, his last farewell speech brings tears in the eyes. One lesser-known trivia is the director Matt Tyrnauer didn’t even like this movie at all after making this. They had shot almost 250 hours of shots. Later, on the editing floor, the movie got made. And he had received a standing ovation.

2. Coco Before Chanel


This is a story rather a biographical movie of Coco Chanel or Gabriel Chanel. She got the name Coco while singing in a pub in her early life. This movie tells you about the inner circle of the fashion world.

Coco Chanel is the founder of the world-famous brand Chanel. This is a story about love stories that are quite realistic, not coming from a fairy world!

This movie is also about the hardship of the fashion world too. You must watch this movie to know how such a big brand can have such a struggling story in life. In short, this is another must-watch movie in the list of Best movies on fashion and fashion designers. After all, Coco Chanel is the world’s one of the most popular designers!

3. Dior & I


This movie is also one of the movies which take you inside the inner cycle of the fashion houses, and this one directly lands you upon Christian Dior’s fashion house.

This movie tells you about the stressful life behind those colorful fashion all around them. This movie reveals the inside story of the fashion houses, the vividly colorful yet stressed atmosphere.

This movie is titled Dior & I because the ‘I’ in this story is a Belgium Fashion designer who has just got an opportunity at Dior’s house. And he had only eight weeks to put up his own Haute Couture. Which usually takes three times more time. Also, he is not a person of this glamour world so he is literally taking all pictures with the big stars with mild anxiety on his face!

But this is a must-watch movie if you ever wanted to watch a movie about the fashion world. This teaches you and inspires you from so many aspects.

4. Yves Saint Laurent


Yves Saint Laurent is a movie about how a young guy gets to tackle one of the biggest fashion empires of the world and still manages to thrive cutting through failures and success.

Again, this story circles around Christian Dior. Just after Christian Dior passes away, this young guy Yves is called to one of the biggest Paris Fashion Houses. He didn’t take much time to reach the heights of the Haute Couture.

This story also includes his future life partner and then business partner which shows the audience an impeccable bond of friendship. Later on, these two young minds moved on to create the biggest luxury powerhouse. This is a movie worth staying on top of the list of the best movies on fashion and fashion designers.

5. Jeremy Scott: The People’s Designer


This is a story of the fashion designer Jeremy Scott, truly the designer of the people who struggled from a small town and now rules an empire. Such stories are inspiring, such stories are meant to boost you up with strong motivations.

Jeremy was told that he lacks creativity at the beginning of his career. But later he became the first-ever American to take over a massive Italian fashion brand.

This is movie is a must-watch for the people who think fashion designers are extremely high profiled and they live in the sky. This movie breaks the jinx.

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5 Best Movies About Fashion :

Now when we are talking about fashion designers, let’s pick another 5 movies which surround fashion itself. They all have a different yet beautiful story to tell. Each movie comes with a different aesthetic flavor and all are must watch.

1. Zoolander


While talking about the movies about fashion, we must mention the movie- Zoolander. It is a movie about men fashion, modeling with some fine comedy. Well, as Google tags it to be in the comedy genre.

Undoubtedly this film is one of the finest films ever made in the fashion genre.

Many people might think that this movie picturizes a very stupid aspect of the fashion world where clothes are unbearable, models are being relentless, but still, this movie makes a fair point to many.

The fun part is the plot of this movie revolves around how the male models get hypnotized. Yes, it is, of course, a work of fiction yet extremely fun to watch. One can witness a lot of fashion happening all over the movie.

Also, why they chose the prime minister of Malaysia is still a mystery. No spoilers alert!

2. The Devil Wears Prada


This is a movie about fashion journalism as well as the fashion world. A young graduate lands upon a high profile magazine job under a ruthless editor. The girl is smart and sensible.

The young graduate gets a good friend who helps her in every possible way. She learns how to dress inadequate of the places and events she is attending to.

There is a love story too. Slowly the girls understand that what you make with your choices ends up as your life.

This movie has a beautiful story to tell. You can easily get lost in her story!

3. Sex And The City (The Movie)


There has been a web series with the same name, so it is needed to be informed. This movie has its own beautiful story to tell. We don’t want to ruin it by giving you the glimpse of the story, but without any spoilers, as we go-

This is a story about Mr. Big and her fiancé, where everything revolves around moving in together and deciding to get married.

Ultimately, in the process of getting married a lot happens. And for that, you should watch the movie.

Yes, this movie is too circling around fashion. And you will understand once you watch it.

4. The September Issue


You ever wanted to know about the inner world of a fashion magazine? Then this is the perfect movie for you. This is rather tagged as a documentary movie.

Also, did you know The September 2007 Issue of the world-famous Vogue magazine was weighed 5 pounds? With almost 840 pages in it? Yes. This movie is about that issue. The real story behind that magazine being made. We can see the difficulties the editor in chief had to go through, as well as the models. In short, this is a movie must watch if you are interested to know the fashion world better.

Also, you can still get yourself a copy of that magazine!

5. Confession Of A Shopaholic


While talking about the best movies on fashion and fashion designers, this movie is also a must mention. This is a movie about a young girl who loves to shop, literally crazy about shopping goes broke and ends up on a job which requires her to write fashion columns. That to her job application was a drunken mistake.

This movie is a fun watch.

So these were all the best movies on fashion and fashion designers. Which movie you are picking first to start with? Happy binge watch!


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