Top 10 Affordable Smartwatches In India You Must Buy

Smartwatches have come a long way in 2020. It started with Apple Watch and Samsung Gear but now there are plenty of the Smartwatches available in the market. We understand that not everybody can go for an Apple watch so here are the top 10 affordable smartwatches in India for you to get and make your life easier than ever before.

affordable smartwatches in India  2020

Earlier, phones were meant for taking calls and watches were meant for checking time. It has all changed in the smart era. Now smartphones are the ultimate need to move ahead in the world, and smartwatches are even smarter! Before we unveil the best affordable smartwatches in India, let’s understand why they are the game changer!

Why Smartwatches Are The Game Changer?

Affordable Smartwatches In India in 2020

By now you know that Smartwatches are the game changers in 2020. But why? How a smartwatch can make your life easier?

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  • Beyond Time:

A smartwatch can tell you time. But also can let you access your entire phone on an hour wrist. Yes, entire. It will get you access to most of the apps on your phone. You can do most of the tasks on your wrist. It looks stylish too!

  • Your Phone Doesn’t Need To Come Out Of Pocket!

With a smartwatch on your wrist, your phone can stay in your pocket. Do you want to receive calls? You can. You want to open maps and navigate, you can. You want Google Assistant to tell you certain stuff, or do something on behalf of you. A smartwatch is pretty capable of doing that. You can pause play music, change it, even update your playlist.

In short, with a smartwatch on your wrist, you can do most of the works of your smartphone by tapping on it. What can be cooler than that?

  • Fitness Tracker:

Most of people are nowadays fitness freak. Especially this Gen Y. A smartwatch can track your fitness 24×7. From how many steps you have walked to what’s your current pulse rate, from how many calories you lost by the workout, from how many more steps are required to reach your goal. It can do anything and everything.

  • Find Your Other Devices:

It is pretty often that you lose your phone somewhere in the room itself, or the car keys, or other accessories. A few taps on the smartwatch can tell you the exact location of the smartphone it is connected to. Lost your phone? It’s just a tap away from you.

  • e-Sim Smartwatches:

There are loads of affordable smartwatches in India that have an e-Sim facility in it. Technically, you won’t need a smartphone at all, your smartphone will be on your wrist. An Independent device that has its own network. This is revolutionary in the tech world.

If you want to know more about e-Sim, there you go.

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  • The Juice!

Your smartwatch will have a better battery life than your smartphone. So together, the combination of your Smartphone and Smartwatch can give you way better battery performance than just a smartphone. As your phone’s display is not in use, it saves a lot of battery.

These are the basic benefits of smartwatches. Now, let’s unveil our top picks – 10 affordable smartwatches in India for you.

Best Smartwatches under 10,000 In India :

1. Amazfit GTS

affordable smartwatches in India

This smartwatch comes with an AMOLED display and five colors. A pretty impressive smartwatch under only ₹10,000. It runs on Bluetooth 5.0, having 12 different sports modes, and 24*7 heart rate sensor.

The display is pretty much the right size with the right brightness. You can easily read it in broad daylight. It has a 220 mAh battery where it can run up to a minimum of 10 days of heavy usage.

It comes with a Corning Gorilla Glass and up to 50m water resistance. The best part is the option to choose which apps to keep in your watch, and which is not needed.

2. Honor Watch Brown

affordable smartwatches under 10k

This smartwatch is stylish. This is one of those smartwatches where it appears to be a normal watch, but secretly it’s a smart one! Having an AMOLED display of 390 pixels, it provides the true color. It has 16 gigs of RAM and up to 128 Gb ROM.

It has got all the essential sensors from the gyroscope to the accelerometer. It has an excellent battery back up of 7 days. The best part about this smartwatch is it runs on both Android and Apple. It has a very user-friendly UI. 1 year warranty comes out of the box.

3. YUXI Smartwatch

smartwatches in India

It comes under 10K, and an amazing smartwatch itself. It has a scratch-resistant display of 1.4inches, that too HD. It can also have a Sim support, so it will have its own connectivity. It has all the important sensors like magnetometer, compass, optical heart rate, barometer. It has an ambient display. It has GPS support.

The USP of this smartwatch is it has a 2mp camera to sense movements. Definitely a great buy!

4. Cogito Smartwatch

smartwatches in India  under 10,000

Cogito has the power of going down up to 10ATM underwater as well as 150 meters underwater. A smartwatch to dive into the water with. This smartwatch has 1.44 inches round display. It has 320×320 pixels.

To navigate it has 5 physical buttons. It also has a built-in microphone. It only takes up to 120 minutes to charge up.

From Music playing to receiving calls, you can do all with this budget smartwatch. The best buy under 10,000.

5. Xiaomi Huami Amazfit


This is also a very good buy under 10K. It has 2.5D corning gorilla glass as a screen. It has a heart rate monitor, sleep monitor, built-in GPS and foot tracks. This incredible smartwatch has a very lightweight.

It has all the essential sensors. Xiaomi and Huami both are trusted brands. It has a built-in microphone to activate Google Assistant, and do most of your work by voice command. Outdoor performance is enhanced under sunlight. It comes with a DND mode. It has more than 10 watch faces. It runs on Bluetooth 4.0. An. Affordable smartwatch in India Under 10,000.

Affordable Smartwatches In India Under 5,000 :

1. Huami Amazfit BiP

affordable smartwatches in India  under 5,000

Budget smartwatches are the ultimate game-changer. It offers so much under just 5000. This smartwatch by Huami has all you will ever get under the 5K budget. It is lightweight. It doesn’t cut on your style, instead, it is extremely stylish. It has a Gorilla glass which further has an anti-fingerprint coating. This watch is adaptable in broad daylight. The anti-reflective feature makes it easier.

It also has 4 sports mode including indoor running and outdoor running. If you are health conscious, it informs you when your heartbeat is enhanced. It has an inbuilt Sony GPS to track distance and speed.

In addition, it has a PPG sensor to accurately monitor your heart rate. You can check WhatsApp and other messaging platforms. It also vibrates while there’s an incoming call.

The battery lasts up to 45 days. IP68 standard water-resistant. It is one of the best affordable smartwatches in India.

2. Noise Colorfit Pro 2

best smartwatches in India

Under 5K, it’s also one of the best buys you can make. It has an OLED display. It has 7 sports mode. It can also monitor blood oxygen level, heart rate, sleep, as well as blood pressure.

It displays the caller ID and it has a remote shutter control feature. So clicking group pictures are now easier. It has a battery life for up to 6 days. It only takes up to 60 minutes to get fully charged.

3. Intex Irist Pro Smartwatch

affordable smartwatches in 2020

It has 2.5D curved glass and 1.3inches display. The user interface is pretty user-friendly. The USP of this smartwatch is its speaker with the mic. It will pop up app notifications of various messaging apps, and others.

Under the 5K budget, this is a great buy.

4. Mevofit Race Space

best smartwatches in India

It has a sleep tracker and a blood oxygen level monitor. You can also track blood pressure on this smartwatch. It pops up the caller ID when a call in incoming. It has up to 3 different watch faces. It is extremely user-friendly. It has an IP67 standard rating for water-resistant.

The juice in the battery will last up to 6 days. It has the fastest charging time of 1 hour. For all the manufacturing defects it has a 1-year company warranty.

5. Honor Band 5i

budget smartwatches in India

It has a 0.96 inch TFT colorful touch display. It has features like sleep monitor, multiple watches faces, multiple sports mode. It can monitor indoor and outdoor running.

It has up to 50-meter water-resistant. It has a stopwatch and a timer too. You can get your task done by the voice assistant. If you lose your phone, there’s a ‘Find your phone’ option.

This watch also falls under one of the affordable smartwatches in India.

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These were the best affordable smartwatches in India you can go for. We have curated the best for you. So what are you waiting for? Get the smartwatch you like!

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